We specialize in fast service for many real estate companies in our region.

Normally when we receive an order from an agent, we can design their sign, send them a proof, get approval, make the sign and install it all within a week. 

If you are a real estate agent, you should call Ken Leaman and get some prices from him.  Our goal is to give you the best service at the best price.  Let us show you!

Our process of installing signs includes grooving posts 1.5″ deep, inserting half inch MDO signs and nailing them as pictured to the left.  For 8 ft. posts – holes are dug approx. 24″ deep.  Posts are either painted or left natural depending on our customers needs.  We can make signs any size but popular sizes are 4X4, 4X6, 4X8 and 6X12.

We also offer PVC which look very nice.  Stainless steel corner brackets are used on these signs as well as 4X4 treated posts inside the PVC.

Some of our agents store their signs with us and we re-use them for new properties.  Most of the time it is a very simple process where we simply change the property details section by covering old lettering with vinyl and adding new lettering. If large areas need to covered, we suggest using coroplast (corrugated plastic) which is the most cost effective way to cover signs without making a brand new one. 

Banners can also be used to sell real estate.

We can also make stands for large signs that sit on top of pavement.  Real estate agents also order banners of all sizes from us as well.

Our goal is to provide fast service at a competitive price.  Please call us for pricing.  717-295-4531 – Ken Leaman